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Starlet Set To Release Scorcher To Country Radio In Late June





Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on April 21, 2015 at 10:00pm


COUNTRY NEWCOMER ALLIE LOUISE SET TO DEBUT NEW MUSIC NEXT WEEK15-Year Old Starlet To Release “It’s Gettin’ Old” To Country Radio—January 22, 2015





Young Starlet Accepts Invitation To Perform At Wedding Ceremony


Young Recording Artist Makes The Music Row Rounds And Grand Impressions With New Single “Perfect Storm”



Rising Country Starlet - Allie Louise 


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 2, 2015) – Sixth Beat Production’s flagship artistAllie Louise will celebrate the formal release of her new recording project.  The self-titled EP (ALLIE LOUISE*) highlights her first radio single (“It’s Gettin’ Old”), four self-penned originals and showcases the work of renowned Nashville music producer Eddie Gore (Steve Cropper/Aaron Goodvin/Joanne Janzen/
Keb Mo/Jonathan Singleton/ Sara Petite).


Debuting her first national release, 16-year-old singer/songwriter Allie Louisepresents an impressive collection of songs gushing with sass, confidence and emotion. ALLIE LOUISE is a marked expression of the Michigan artist’s old soul, youthful spunk and classic style.  The six-song collection spotlights the starlet’s extraordinary artistry and vocal capabilities, and is loaded with spirited confidence. The EP bursts with “girl power” and is laced with poignant lyrics (revealed in tracks such as “Stilettos” and “Diamond Ring”).


“I think each and every song reveals little bits of my personality,” stated 
Allie Louise. “We put many hours of hard work into my recordings. I enjoyed working and creating with Eddie to deliver an honest vocal with emotion.  I feel I have grown and learned a lot about the art and who I am as a performer.  I’m proud of the finished product and I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.”


“This young lady walked into the studio with a vision for her musical picture and the impression she wanted to make,” introduced Producer Eddie Gore.  "She brought with her a mature sense of melody and a strong and valuable opinion.  Allie has a true love of her craft; she is a talented young woman with a work ethic second to none.”


Allie made early introductions to country radio and its fans in January, 2015 with the debut single entitled “It’s Gettin’ Old,” produced by seven-time Grammy award winning producer John Joszcz, which charted on the Music Row Breakout chart and became a No. 1 hit in the UK (HotDisc).  She followed with her sophomore release (entitled “Perfect Storm”/produced by Eddie Gore) which also charted on the Music Row Chart and is steadily climbing the charts.


Allie Louise has opened for national recording artists Cole Swindell, Frankie Ballard, Austin Webb, Justin Moore and Josh Turner.  She made her first official appearance at country music’s biggest party, CMA Music Festival, in June. In early preparation and celebration of the “most wonderful time of the year,” Allie Louise introduced her first holiday tune -- “Hometown Christmas” (co-written with 
Kris Bergnes and Eddie Gore/produced by Gore) on November 16, 2015.


ALLIE LOUISE will be available via all major digital outlets   (iTunes/Rhapsody/Amazon) on January 15, 2016. Digital Delivery Services
(Ed Gertler) will oversee the digital marketing campaign. 




Starlet Set To Release Scorcher To Country Radio In Late June


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 23, 2015) – Sixteen-year-old country newcomer 
Allie Louise is set to release her sophomore single, “Perfect Storm,”* from her self-titled EP (ALLIE LOUISE/Sixth Beat Productions/Rochester Hills, MI). Co-written alongside Doug Kahan and Kaci Bolls, and produced by Eddie Gore, the track is scheduled to hit radio June 29, 2015 [CDX Vol. 618/6-22-15/PlayMPE 6-22-15].Jerry Duncan Promotions will spearhead the radio promotion campaign.


A good girl look at bad boy warning signs, “Perfect Storm” forecasts the fate of young love whirling with intoxicating temptations. Allie’s fluttering timbre captures immediate “WOW” attention while the rapid, clap-happy lyrics fire-up the visionary storyline of an explosive chemistry that cannot be denied.


“I feel like this is a song that any girl can relate to. At some point, every girl is attracted to the ‘bad boy’ (think Fonzie or James Dean) and it strikes a match to ignite a natural passion that runs wild,” stated Allie Louise. “The storyline is about exhilarating love; the infectious beat makes me want to dance—it’s a lot of fun to sing and perform.”


Following the success of her debut single “It’s Gettin’ Old” (which recently entered the Music Row Breakout Chart at No. 79 and hit No. 1 on the HotDisc UK charts), Allie’s extraordinary talents continue to heighten within the industry, among her peers and country music fans alike. Most recently, Allie was named the winning contestant in The Omni Studios 2015 Music City Indie Showcase (presented by Susan Gabrielle). She will record at the esteemed Omni Sound Studios where fellow entertainers Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and many more have recorded.


Born Allie Louise Shermetaro (pronounced: sher-meh-terro), this young singer/songwriter has an unwavering, natural vocal texture complimented by a knack for “hold onto your hat” performances. Allie Louise has opened for national recording artists Cole Swindell, Frankie Ballard, Austin Webb, Justin Moore, Josh Turner and David Shelby. She’s a regular on the stage at venues throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. She just concluded her debut appearance at country music’s biggest party, CMA Music Festival 2015. Allie has also been involved with various charity events supporting Autism, Downs Syndrome, St. Jude and Relay for Life.


“Perfect Storm” will be available for download via all major digital outlets (iTunes/Rhapsody/ Amazon). For more on Allie Louise, please


Interview with Allie Louise



June 19,2015

We had a chance to sit down with Allie Louise, a teen sensation out of Michigan, for an interview during CMA Fest last week.  Take a listen to the interview below!  When you’re done, stop by her Facebook page and give it a Like!



Check out the link:



Allie Louise: A Voice that Shines Like the Colors of a Rainbow!

Posted by Mamie Smith Ed.D. on April 21, 2015 at 10:00pm


When my friend Cathy Zucker said, "I have a student who has made a CD and she is really good!" my first mental reaction was, "She must be good, because Cathy is a vocal teacher, soloist and a person of great integrity!" So, I said:  "I would love to hear her!"  What I was not prepared for was . . .  just how good!  However, when I popped the CD in my computer and heard Allie sang the first few bars of It's Gettin' Old, I said . . . "She's good!"  My producer said. "She's good!"


This is often the kind of expression  that follows the fifteen-year-old around as she builds her career in music--country music! Her list of performances continues to grow, and her admirers excel or match it.  


Who is this young songstress destined to make her mark on the world?Allie has spent most of her life in Michigan, comes from a family of six children--has siblings with professional interests like dentistry, engineering and law, but Allie chose music--music that allows her to not only display her artistic skills, but emotions as well.  Her rendition of each song reveals polished, well-executed technique, but also, a command of the depth of emotion and feeling needed to reach into the hearts and souls of her listeners.  She says:


"My true passion is to bring music to life--whether using my voice as my instrument or playing my guitar, the piano or the drums!”


The new CD will debut in the spring of this year, and is self-titled Allie Louise, which is an appropriate title, for Allie wrote or co-wrote all 10 tracks of the album.  The lyrics express her energy, confidence, free-spirit and heart-felt views about life.   Allie's single from the album is entitled It's Gettin' Old  and can be purchased  . . . right now!  So, run over to iTunes and get it . . . you will love it!  I promise.


You can hear Allie talk about her video, album and why she chose music as her life career, on "Talk to the Author" with Dr. Mamie Smith at 5 pm on Sunday, April 26, 2015.  Simply go online and let your fingers guide you  Many listeners also get the station via TuneIn.



COUNTRY NEWCOMER ALLIE LOUISE SET TO DEBUT NEW MUSIC NEXT WEEK15-Year Old Starlet To Release “It’s Gettin’ Old” To Country Radio—January 22, 2015


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 13, 2015)- Fifteen-year-old country music newcomerAllie Louise is set to make introductions with her first single “It’s Gettin’ Old”* from her debut self-titled album, ALLIE LOUISE (Sixth Beat Productions, Rochester Hills, MI)--anticipated for a Spring 2015 release. The single, written by Allie Louise alongside Doug Kahan, was produced by Kahan and seven-time Grammy award winner, John Jaszcz at Blackbird Studios in the Music City, Tennessee and is scheduled to impact radio January 22, 2015 [1/6/15 PlayMPE--the track was a PlayMPE Top 5 in both streaming and download (1/10/15)]Jerry Duncan Promotions will spearhead the radio campaign. 


A high-energy, up-tempo, track, “It’s Gettin’ Old,” is the ideal first single release as an I.D. to Allie’s confident, carefree and honest character.  The storyline, written with her gal pals in mind, reveals mutual experiences and relationships with “a jerk” that becomes a habitual, unhealthy attraction. Packed with relatable lyrics, the song is a must-hear to empower young women to be confident, to trust intuition and to walk away from relationships untrue.


“I am very excited to introduce my music to radio and the country music audience,” noted Allie Louise.  “I feel like the combination of the high energy, sass and ‘women-stand-your-ground’ message is the perfect introduction to my music and the new album.  I’m excited to show folks what I’ve got!”


The corresponding music video “It’s Gettin’ Old” was directed by Robby Melling and produced by Sixth Beat Productions and The Greene Group Detroit.  Allie appears in a true-to-life depiction.  The video can be seen on YouTube (


Allie Louise is an artist, songwriter and musician from Rochester Hills, Mich., and the youngest of six children.  Walking in her siblings’ footsteps, she began playing piano at the young age of five, and soon after added guitar and vocals to her list of talents.  As evidenced by her performance on the new single, young Allie Louise has undeniable natural talent and vocal range and the ability to captivate her audience with the very first note.  She has been described as an “old soul with a little sass” and her influences include a long list of country music’s favorite women such as Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Leann Rimes and, most notably, Patsy Cline.


A performer in the studio and on stage, Allie Louise has opened for national recording artists Cole Swindell, Frankie Ballard, Austin Webb, Justin Moore, Josh Turner and David Shelby.  She performs regularly as an acoustic solo act at venues in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  Allie has also been involved with various charity events supporting autism, downs syndrome, St. Jude and Relay for Life.  She will make personal introductions with music industry executives and radio at Country Radio Seminar in February.


“It’s Gettin’ Old” will be available via all major digital outlets (iTunes/Rhapsody/Amazon) on January 22, 2015. For more on Allie Louise, please visit:


Check out the link:




Riley To Spearhead A&R And Creative Direction


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 14, 2015)--Rising country star Allie Louise 
(Sixth Beat Productions) is pleased to announce her alliance with the highly esteemed industry veteran, Tim Riley, as the latest addition to her team of professionals. Riley will oversee and assist with A&R and creative consultation. During his career, Riley’s talents have impacted multiple music formats across the board; he has worked with some of the biggest names in music including 
The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Aerosmith, Elton John, Billy Joel, Led Zepplin, Garth Brooks, LeAnn Rimes, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Alan Jackson and many more.


“Simply said, Allie Louise is an extraordinary talent,” says Tim Riley. “Her personal ambition, hard work and passion for her music will make her a career artist. I look forward to working alongside Allie and her team to see where her journey takes her.”


A music entertainment veteran of more than 45 years, Riley believes success is achieved by results.  His impressive track record supports his philosophy. He has been involved in the sales, marketing and promotion of more than 1,100 singles and 400 albums which appeared on national music trade charts across the country. In recognition of his contributions, services and expertise in the music industry, Riley has received more than 90 gold and platinum albums in recognition of his work. 


“I feel Tim’s expertise and guidance is valuable to help steer and propel my music,”noted Allie Louise. “Tim has worked with some of the biggest artists in music, and I am honored that he believes in me [and my music] enough to want to become part of it.”


The 16-year old country newcomer recently celebrated the release of her first single entitled “It’s Gettin’ Old;” Allie has enjoyed early success on the Music Row charts. She has shared the stage with popular country artists Josh Turner, Justin Moore, Frankie Ballard, Cole Swindell and Austin Webb. Allie Louise is putting finishing touches on her debut, self-titled album, ALLIE LOUISE, anticipated for a Summer 2015 release.



Young Starlet Accepts Invitation To Perform At Wedding Ceremony


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 11, 2015)--Sixteen-year-old recording artist 
Allie Louise (Sixth Beat Productions), who recently celebrated the release of her new country single “Perfect Storm”  (which forecasts the fate of a young love whirling with intoxicating temptations that cannot be denied), also celebrated another memorable lifetime occasion with “love in the air.” Allie graciously accepted an invitation from Jennifer Willoughby and David Vogtmann to perform at their wedding ceremony. Over the course of the couple's engagement, they often sought out Allie Louise for “date night” entertainment.


“Allie Louise is a treasure that we discovered in the early chapters of our relationship; she was singing at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill,” said 
Mr. and Mrs. David Vogtmann.  “We sought her out on our ‘date nights’ and spent night after night enjoying and dancing to her music. Allie has become very special to ‘our story’ and she’ll remain a fond recollection over the years as we walk down memory lane throughout our life together. As we grew together toward marriage, we watched Allie grow on stage. It was important to us to include her in our special day. We are honored to have been witness to her early successes and look forward to following her throughout her music career!”


The couple married on Saturday, August 1, 2015 at Inn the Garden Bed and Breakfast in Lexington, MI where Allie sang the Bridal Dance song 
“God Gave Me You.”


A multi-talented singer/songwriter and musician, Allie plays guitar, piano and drums and is a regular on the stage at venues throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  She has shared stages with Josh Turner, Cole Swindell, Frankie Ballard, 
Austin Webb, Justin Moore, David Shelby and more.  Her current single, 
“Perfect Storm” (co-written with Doug Kahan and Kaci Bolls/ produced by 
Eddie Gore) is steadily climbing the charts as a must-hear.



Young Recording Artist Makes The Music Row Rounds And Grand Impressions With New Single “Perfect Storm”


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 20, 2015)—Although "scattered thunderstorms" have been forecasted for Music City over the course of the entire week, the climate has been exceptionally welcoming for young Allie Louise (Sixth Beat Productions), who is celebrating the release of her new single entitled “Perfect Storm” (co-written alongside Doug Kahan and Kaci Bolls and produced by Eddie Gore). 


The Michigan native is in town this week making appropriate introductions and grand impressions.  As part of her Nashville itinerary this week, she visited with, and performed before, the staff at CDX and made her guest debut appearance on the historic WSM-AM (home of the “Grand Ole Opry” show, the longest-running radio program in history).


“All too often, the sound of a young artist is compared to an established star. Don’t try this with Allie Louise; she is a true original. I’m a fan!”
--Dean Warfield, WSM-650AM Program Director


The track (“Perfect Storm”) will be featured on Allie’s upcoming EP (produced by Eddie Gore) scheduled for an October 2015 release.  Jerry Duncan Promotions is spearheading the radio promotion campaign; Ed Gertler (Digital Delivery Services) will oversee the digital retail campaign.



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