A very heartfelt and loving thank you to my family, friends, and fans for all their love and support.  A special thank you to those who believed in me right from the beginning, and who have helped me with my musical journey to become a singer, musician and performer.  I would also like to express my gratitude to the very professional and talented producers, co-writers, musicians, mix and studio engineers who were extremely supportive and helpful with creating my debut album.

I'm pleased to introduce my new EP....

Available NOW!

Allie Louise...exudes confidence and independence in “Stilettos.”  With a motivational prowess that cannot be denied, Allie proves herself as a “girl power icon” in this “I Am Woman” anthem that represents stilettos as a resilient coat of armor. The mid-tempo track aims to defy the “man’s world” idealism.


Self-pity would only slow us down

We’re too busy makin’ the world go ‘round

No time to come undone

Or let that mascara run…

…We wear our pain like Stilettos!


“’Stilettos’ has a women’s hold-your-own and ‘women make it happen’ storyline. That’s what made it so much fun to record. I was able to express that side of my personality, and I feel like I’m vocalizing a sentiment that so many women feel each and every day,” states Allie Louise.  ‘Stilettos’ is the perfect addition to every woman’s ‘daily inspirational minder’!”


Written by Lindsey Lee, Rachel Proctor, and Victoria Banks. Produced by Eddie Gore

Radio Impact Date: March 7, 2016 (CDX Vol. 629 2/15/16)

Radio Promotions Contact:

Jerry Duncan Promotions • Jerry Duncan • tel: 615.329.1032 • e: jerry@duncanpromo.com

Media Contact:

Music City Media • Kat Atwood • tel: 615.770.2994 • e: katwood@musiccitynews.com

Allie Louise Industry Consultant:

Tim Riley • tel: 615-568-7155 • e: timrileymusic@comcast.net

1. It's Gettin' Old
2. Never Say Goodbye
3. Whatever Works
4. Go On
5. Tell Me Now
6. Gotta Have It
7. Come Back
8. Somethin' 'Bout Nothin'
9. Drowning
10. Bonus Track: My Name is Allie

All of my songs from my freshman CD were produced by the multi-Grammy award winning John Jaszcz (“Yosh”) and mixed at his French Beach Studio and tracked at the amazing Blackbird Studio.  The awesome Doug Kahan co-produced as well as co-wrote and played (bass).  I was also fortunate to work with some of Nashville’s best musicians on the project. They included Russ Pahl (steel), Nick Buda (drums), Troy Lancaster (electric guitar), Steven Sheehan and Pat McGrath (acoustic guitars), Jeff Roach and John Deadrick (keys), Glenn Duncan (fiddle and banjo), Kaci Bolls (background vocals), and Wally Dentz (harmonica).  It was an amazing experience, and I hope that you enjoy the album as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Allie's second single  release, "Perfect Storm", is ON RADIO NOW! Available on iTunes!
Perfect Storm - Allie Louise
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Allie's new original Christmas single, "Hometown Christmas", is  AVAILABLE on iTunes NOW.
Hometown Christmas - Allie Louise
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