Allie Louise 


"I think my music is like a rainbow. It's blue when I sing a sad song; it's red and orange, when I'm feeling a little sassy. When I sing a 'free and easy' tune, my music is green and if it's a story rich in emotion and full with instrumentation, I do believe it could be purple!" 


Born Allie Louise Shermetaro (pronounced: sher-meh-terro), the young songstress, with the born-to-be destiny to become a headlining name on stages across the globe, quickly changed her name to a simpler “ID” --Allie Louise. Her birthplace is the small town of Macomb in west central Illinois; her family relocated to the Great Lakes State of Michigan when she was just four. The youngest of 6 children, Allie is the Shermetaro child whose creativity, natural artistic and music abilities blossomed early on. Surrounded by family members who supported and encouraged her, she had a built-in audience from the onset.  


“Some folks might wonder what tree I fell from.  My sisters and brother are in the teaching, dentistry, medical science, sales/marketing, and engineering and law fields.  My true passion is to bring music to life--whether using my voice as my instrument or playing my guitar, the piano or the drums!” Bubbling with a youthful effervescence and a bold energy, Allie Louise sets the stage for a fresh performance with something a little bit different each and every time. With a vocal texture and a natural correctness in technique, complimented by a knack for versatile performances, Allie’s musical inclinations have invited welcomed comparisons to that of Brenda Lee, Tanya Tucker and LeAnn Rimes, among others. A gal with a realistic view and loaded with moxie, Allie Louise prepares to walk in the footsteps of the women before her to lead the way as a role model.


The multi-talented teenage performer received encouragement all around to enter and compete in talent contests, sing at open mic nights and perform as the lead vocal and play guitar in a youth band.  Her music interest quickly became a devotion. Before she turned fifteen, Allie Louise had already made a name for herself as a sought-after music entertainer with mass appeal opening for bands at various events and shows. Throughout the 2013/2014 touring season alone, Allie performed at more than 60 shows in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana setting the stage for the likes of Frankie Ballard, Justin Moore, Cole Swindell, Josh Turner and Austin Webb. Solo or full band, the young performer “brings it home” with her inviting performances, reeling in Allie Louise believers young and old.


“I know as the ‘spotlight’ continues to grow that I will be followed closely. I’m prepared to make good decisions, rely on others to make sure that I do so, and follow my heart to just be a good person. I hope this will translate on stage and off.”


Debuting her first national recording (ALLIE LOUISE/January 2016), Allie presents an impressive collection of songs gushing with sass, certainty and poignancy. ALLIE LOUISE is a marked expression of the Michigan teenager’s old soul, youthful spunk and classic style. The four-song collection (featuring two bonus tracks) showcases the starlet’s extraordinary artistry and powerful vocal capabilities, and is loaded with spirited confidence.

The sixteen-year-old songwriter dedicates her attention to a strong lyric and storyline, her concentration embraces the composition "as a whole" with a solid accompaniment to back it up. 


“I think a good song not only has to have a strong lyric and story, but a memorable melody. I feel like the melody is just as important. Sometimes people don’t always remember the words, but they can always hum a melody. If the melody sticks with you, then you’re making a memory!”

ALLIE LOUISE is a collection of tunes that successfully reinforces and translates her music philosophy and sophistication.  Featuring dance tunes and break-up ballads (such as the “It’s Gettin’ Old,” “Diamond Ring” and “Stilletos”), ALLIE LOUISE canvasses a spectrum of emotions in “full color.”


Allie made early introductions to the project in January 2015 with the debut single entitled “It’s Gettin’ Old” (written alongside Doug Kahan) which entered the Music Row Breakout chart in the No. 79 position and became a No. 1 hit in the UK (HotDisc).


Prepared to go the distance, Allie followed with her sophomore single, “Perfect Storm” (produced by Eddie Gore).  A Doug Kahan and Kaci Bolls co-write, “Perfect Storm” is a good girl look at bad boy warning signs--forecasting the fate of young love whirling with intoxicating temptations.  The “WOW” track translates Allie’s vocal perfection seamlessly.


A free-spirited, everyday teenager, Allie Louise enjoys crafting, photography, playing volleyball and tennis and just hanging out with her friends.  She is creative, bright and works hard at everything she does--above all, she works hard at her music career.  She writes daily, performs in songwriters’ rounds and at industry showcases and events, and Summer 2015 marked her debut as an artist participant in “country music’s biggest party”--CMA Fest.


“My biggest hurdle (or my biggest advantage) without question is my age, but I focus very hard on being professional so that people take me seriously. Being just 16, I realize my limitations and I’m realistic about the journey ahead of me. My goal is to devote my time, thought, preparation and hard work to become a career recording artist.”


A vibrant entertainer with a voice that resonates with listeners of all ages, Allie Louise is in a class of her own with a passion to perform and a drive that reverberates from her very soul. From beginning to end, you’ll hear Allie’s heart and soul in every memorable note. Seriously!

"She has tremendous vocal range and technique, and yet her voice sounds completely natural and unaffected. Plus, she is a very good and fresh songwriter. It is a rare combination that indicates hit artist!"


-Jerry Duncan President, Duncan Music Group, Inc. (Nashville, TN)


“I went up to Michigan to visit with Allie Louise and was instantly looking forward to getting her in the studio to capture her capability. Be sure to take a listen to this up-and-coming artist with an authentic emotional sound. You won’t be disappointed."


-John Jaszcz, multi-Grammy award winning engineer/producer (Nashville, TN)


“Allie Louise--A Voice that Shines Like the Colors of a Rainbow!


--Mamie Smith, Ed.d/


“Wow! Great mix with lots of hooks all the way through the song. Love the story line and Allie’s voice fits like a glove. I give it a 10.” 


--(“Perfect Storm”) Rod West, President/ Brandon D’ Amore Radio Networks, Sherman Oaks, CA


“The day I met Allie, she pulled out her guitar and sang three songs; I was hooked.  


Allie is a real star in the making.” --Tim P. Riley Sr., Music Industry Consultant, Nashville, TN


“While there isn’t a direct path for a new artist to travel on when it comes to finding success in country music, 16-year-old Allie Louise is clearly on a road that is making people take notice.”


“The quality and power of this young lady’s voice goes far beyond her age. Allie Louise will be a force to reckon with in Country Music for many years to come.” 


--Ed Gertler, President, Digital Delivery Services, Kingston Springs, TN


“She is a singer, songwriter and musician who has a very bright future ahead of her.”

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